Dip your lips in some Radiant Orchid








Radiant orchid seems to be all the hype this year but are you too afraid to commit to such a bold colour? I know I was especially to spend a lot of money on a colour that may not look good on me or that would not wear often.

The solution? Wet n’ Wild mega last lipsticks! Their matte lipsticks have a huge range of colours and can be bought in Walmart or Super Store here in Canada for under $3-$4 depending on where you purchase it.


For a more subtle look try “Dollhouse Pink”, or “Mauve Outta Here” and for a bolder look try “Don’t Blink Pink” or “Cherry Pickings!” The colour payoff is amazing for these lipsticks and they have great lasting power.

Their formula is a little bit drying but no worse than any other matte lipsticks. 24 Carrot Gold is one of my favourite colours in the line but is probably one of their most drying lipsticks. Nothing that can’t be fixed with some lip balm or my favorite Nivea lip butter.

cheers πŸ™‚





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