How To Elongate Your Eyes


I have been obsessed with the thick liner look since I saw it on Aishwarya Rai in Devdas. Even though the story line did not captivate me, Aishwarya’s makeup sure did!



Face: Start with a moisturized face and primer if you like and apply your foundation.

Cheeks: Keep this part to the minimum. It is all about the eyes. A little bronzer and blush, topped with a highlighter and you are good to go.

Lips: I used the “24 carrot gold” by Wet n’ Wild with some Milani lip gloss over top.

Eyes: Now for the most important part of this look, the eyes. Apply an eyeshadow close to your lid colour all over the lid. Apply a thick line of liner starting from the inner corner and stretching it past your natural corner of the eye.


How much you pull the liner out is up to you. I wanted it to be super dramatic thus, I pulled it out quite a bit. If you don’t get it right no worries. Take a cotton swab and a makeup remover and shape the liner to your liking or clean it up if need be.

I love the Clinique makeup remover because you can put makeup right on top of it. It is great for makeup oopsies!


Apply powder as a liner at the bottom lashes, concentrating mostly on the outer most edge. You can line the waterline with a light shade or leave it bare. Apply a little bit of mascara because it is all about the top lashes!

Since I did a super dramatic line, I thought to use some falsies. Pick ones that are longer towards the end and apply mascara to blend your lashes and the falsies.


The final step is to take a darker brown shade and lightly extend your crease to meet your liner. Basically you are extending your liner, your crease and the bottom lash line to give the illusion of longer eyes!

Highlight in the inner tear ducts and under your brows and finish off with your favourite concealer!

20140818_200151Cheers πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “How To Elongate Your Eyes

    • yes inner and outer corner. Don’t go too far into the inner corner though because then you are going in for the “Arabic eye”. This look is a bit softer that’s why you line the bottom with powder in a lighter shade than the liner. It is mostly about the top! πŸ™‚
      and thank you sweet Shanze!


    • thank you! no photo shopping. taken with a phone camera :D.

      It is hard to do selfies with the bigger canon camera I have so I use it when someone else is around to help lol. I sometimes play with that ones settings.

      Plus its more convenient and easier with the phone!

      Still in the learning process on how to do everything and the best way to take pics etc. thanks for visiting πŸ˜€ !

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