Ethereal Fairy for Halloween!

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Hi guys!

I was searching for some easy tutorials for Halloween but all of them seemed quite difficult to replicate.

So I decided to try my hand at one which is simpler than it looks!! And it won’t cost you much!


Face: Start with applying your foundation and concealer. Your face is now prepped.

I went to Dollarama and Absolute Dollar to pick up almost everything for this tutorial except for the jewellery, the lashes and the lipstick.

Using the flat brush, start by applying the yellow face paint (Dollarama) on your forehead, cheeks, and jawbone (basically where you would normally bronze).


Using a round brush take a green shadow (these are from Absolute Dollar and are pretty pigmented!) and apply to your cheeks and forehead where you had applied the yellow base.

Β  ~ Start darker and fade lighter like an ombre effect. It is up to you how green you want to look.

Finally, take some silver glitter (Dollarama) and apply it wherever you would normally highlight

Β  ~ Top of the cheeks, I did a bit of the forehead and some more around the face and inner corner of the eyes. How much shimmer you want is up to you!


Eyes: I used purple and blue on the eyes. The purple goes all over the lid and the blue in the crease, giving it a nice gradient look.

Then I applied purple glitter all over the lid and a light coat of mascara on top and bottom.

Apply lashes of your choice! These pretty ones caught my eye at Walmart.

Now, take a liquid liner of your liking (I used Stila) and draw a line under the eyes to balance the top heavy lashes. I just did a random flick. Fill in your brows if you like.


Here is the fun part!

I found these face decals and stones at Dollarama. These are what make it sooo easy to achieve this look.

I placed the decals and stones randomly where I thought they would look good.


You can do the patterns symmetrical or like me, different on both sides of the face for a more organic feel.


Last but not least

Lips: Dollhouse Pink by Wet n’ Wild!

I accessorized using this beautiful necklace by Joe Fresh and feather earrings that I have had for a while now. Let the hair flow as it is supposed to look earthy, natural and fairy like!

You can go further by adding flower crowns or wings and a nice flowy dress.

And you are done! Hope you guys enjoyed.

Cheers! πŸ™‚





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