Three Things To Remember When Shopping for Foundation

Don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about picking a foundation? Well hopefully these three simple tips, that I personally use, will help take some of the guess work out of it!

fisheyed-confuse-woman-cropped-reversedDo You Make These 7 Makeup Mistakes - Beauty and Personal Grooming_thumb[1]


Oily skin: Go with a matte foundation – To add a bit of dew use a highlighter

Dry skin: Get a moisturizing foundation with a satin or dewy finish

Combination skin:Β  you can get away with either matte or dewy – Use matte powder and/or a mattifying primer before applying the foundation to oily areas. And moisturize the dry areas


There are two major undertones when it comes to foundation: Yellow and pink


You will never get an EXACT match of your undertone or skin colour because of the diversity of beautiful skin tones.

These days companies are finally at the very least acknowledging the diversity of skin tones and some have expanded theirs. But there is still a long way to go, especially for women of colour.


Tip: The best way to figure out your undertone is to swatch a bunch of different colours on your arm and see which ones are more pink and which are more yellow.

Now that you are in the right undertone area it is time to find the shade range

3 – COLOUR MATCH –Β  The spectrum goes from light – medium – dark

Once you have landed on one of these areas, swatch a few colours from the same range on your face.

shutterstock_84843136Beautiful face of  woman with cosmetic foundation on a skin.

Make thick swatches so you can see the colour difference clearly.

Tip: The best light to judge your foundation colour is outside! So with the swatches step outside and look in the mirror. If that is not possible go under bright white lights.

This should give you an idea of which colour is the closest to your own skin shade.

Tip: Remember when you apply the foundation, you need to blend it with your ears and neck so that you can’t see a line of makeup like the pictures below!


If you do not blend well, your foundation will look cakey and unnatural. Blending helps to eliminate or at the very least minimize this problem.

NOTE: A lot of the real high-end foundations are not necessarily geared towards the masses. However, some mid-range and drugstore foundations are better at covering the wider variety of undertones and skin colours.

So just because you spend $75+ on a foundation does not mean it will give you a perfect match. Go with the company that has the best undertones, colour and texture for your skin.


NOTE: If you do plan on dishing out some major dollars for a foundation remember that stores like Sephora are happy to give you free samples of various colours.

And they also have great return policies even with opened and used items.

Hope this helps!

Cheers! πŸ™‚


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