Eye makeup For All Eye Shapes!! A Pictorial


Hi guys,

So this time I am trying something different… I have done a “pictorial” to make the steps easier to follow on how to apply eye makeup on almost any eye shape. It is long so bare with me!

Thumbs up if you guys like this idea. Click on the pictures if you need a closer look.

TIP: Start off with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face for smooth application.

EYES: I applied MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre all over my lids with my finger


Draw a thick Line on your lid -start around the middle of eye and make it thicker towards the end – like you are applying liner – this doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be blending it out. I used NYX Jumbo pencil in brown – great base for darker colours.


Add a white liner – NYX Jumbo in Milk – under the brow for highlighting and then blend it out. Your bases are done and now you are ready to apply eyeshadow.


For this look I used the Too Faced La Belle Carousel palette. You can use any you like as this was a limited time edition. Maybelline has some great neutral palettes with similar colour schemes.


Apply the darkest shade at the outer edge of your eye, keeping it below the crease  but extending it slightly beyond the length of your natural eye to give the illusion of longer eyes.

TIP: If you can’t find the crease press lightly on your eye socket – the bone between your eyeball and eyebrow is your crease – trace slightly below the bone to create a crease. Keep your makeup under this line.


Apply the second shade in the middle and blend it well with the dark shade for a fade effect.


Apply the gold in the inner most part blending it with the middle shade. Again all these shades should stay within your crease.

Take the lightest colour and apply it underneath your eyebrow as the highlighting colour.


Take whatever is left on your brush – you need very little product for this! – and blend the crease out from the outer corner of your eye and up towards the eyebrow to get the smoked effect. You don’t want to go too close to the eyebrow!


Apply the Too Faced Glitter Glue from the inner corner to the middle of the eye with your finger in a patting motion. Do one eye at a time as the glue dries fast!

With a small flat brush pat the glitter – Makeup Forever Diamond Dust – as dense or as light as you like. I went with less glitter to let the gold and brown shadows shine from underneath.


FACE: Moving away from the eyes for now… I applied primer on my forehead – Rimmel – to keep it matte followed by Bourjois foundation- with a round dense brush from Real techniques – Don’t forget the neck!


Apply your concealer under the eyes, on your cupid’s bow, center of the nose leading to the forehead and blend – Real Techniques brush –  Hard Candy concealer- great concealer but you need to set it with powder to prevent creasing!


Set with your favourite setting powder – Mine is of course the Too Faced Candle Light powder. Avoid this in areas where you get oily. Opt for something mattifying instead.


BACK TO THE EYES: Take the NYX brown pencil and line the bottom lash line  about three quarters of the way in – Smudge it using the darkest brown shadow.

While smudging the bottom lash line bring the brown a little onto the top outer edge to darken it some more. Layering helps create depth.


Line your upper and lower lash line – blend the lower lash – you don’t want harshness as this is a smokey eye – I used Physicians formula in the blackest black to line my eyes.

NOTE: You can use a pencil instead of liquid liner and blend it for a super smoked eye. And can line the waterline if you prefer that look. My eyes don’t do well with anything in the waterline.


Brush out your brows – and fill them in where needed – I used a black powder eyehadow


Contouring & Blush – From the same Too Faced palette – I slightly contoured the cheekbones, nose and jaw line. Remember whatever you use on your face needs to be brought down on your neck for a natural look.


Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and highlight – theBalm Betty Lou Manizer – the top of the cheeks – This peach blush is beautiful!  It has specs of gold so you can skip the highlighter if you prefer!

Highlighting – besides the top of the cheeks highlight the  inner corners of the eyes, under the brows and down the nose – I used the Betty Lou Manizer  highlighter by theBalm cosmetics


LIPS: I chose to keep the lips muted and put on a beautiful Wet ‘n Wild pink topped with NYX lip gloss  – All the products are in the picture below.


HAIR: Apply one medium pump of mousse after the shower as it helps to maintain the curls without the use of hair spray! Don’t forget to use a heat protectant!


Clip away the front bangs as you will curl these according to which way you want to have your final part – divide the rest of the hair in two (you can clip the top sections and work with the bottom ones first)

Curl one side away from your face – same with the other – brush out the hair to loosen the curls for a softer look.


Add some volumizing powder by placing it on your fingers and rubbing it around the roots of the hair and tease at the crown for some oomph!

I pinned my hair up from one side to show off my gorgeous earrings!

Accessorizing:   The dress was very cute and floral so I decided to keep the accessories to a minimal – a ring, watch and these beautiful earrings, red pumps and nails of course!


Forgot to put on mascara! Yikes!! But remembered just before leaving *phew* nothing feels the same without mascara no?! Crisis averted 😉 – Yes this post is long but I thought pictures might be helpful.



NOTE: Don’t get caught stuffing your face, especially with a darn fan/paparazzi camera buzzing around. Hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s day!





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