Ethereal Glam-over!

3aa034_26c42c57fd0b464c8077290fdc43c4df2014-12-28 16.57.47

Hey guys!

Been meaning to add some new pics of my work… Just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Check out more pictures of this glam-over on my professional website:

I also have some promotions happening for the month of April so make sure to head over for those of you looking for a makeup artist in the GTA !

This ethereal beauty has naturally stunning features so I just worked with them to enhance what she already had!

I gave her some long lashes on top and some bottom lashes to compliment her stunning and very romantic eyes!

Dewy skin, light contouring of the jaw and nose, a lot of highlighting, angelic looking blush, a nice sweet lip and she was glamified!

Hope you guys enjoy the long weekend!

Cheers πŸ™‚


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