The Vogue Verdict On Spring Fashion!

Hey guys!

Came up on a very nice article by Vogue on the hottest spring trends so I thought I would summarize a bit! The theme seems to be “edgy elegance”

Natural Skin

Natural, dewy skin is always in style. But this season keep your coverage to a minimum by taking care of your skin and letting it shine through all that makeup! Keep your skin healthy through proper hydration and of course nothing is better than a good diet and occasional exercise.


Undone Hair

One of my personal favourites: Easy, breezy, wind swept, low maintenance hair was seen on the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior and Chloe models.  Air-dried, undone waves are all you need. But make sure to keep your hair looking healthy with proper conditioning and occasional trimming.


Polished Ponytails & Slick back Hair

“Slick and glossy at Alexander Wang, scraped back low against the nape of the neck at Gucci, and softly crimped at Stella McCartney: Thanks to a quick play on texture, the classic ponytail managed to surprise and subvert on runways from New York to Paris.” (Vogue Beauty Guide)



pretty self explanatory I might add


LOVE the combination of two trends: A sleek ponytail with strong liner


Make a Statement:

Whether it be an edgy cut or jut a pop of glitter on the eyelids, bold liner or hair accessories it’s all about making a statement!


Decorative Hairpieces 

Fasten your hair or just add some chic glam to your undone hair by adding hair accessories seen from designers such as Céline, Lanvin, Valentino, or even fresh floral blooms from Dolce & Gabbana


Pretty Pouts!

“Spring’s painterly strokes of color ranged from the quietly understated to the high-impact” (Vogue Beauty Guide)


Rich, supersaturated but still soft around the edges, almost as though been pressed on with a fingertip and stained, pops of colour – Pink lips are big!


Graphic Eyeliner 

From the runways of the likes of Prada and Louis Vuitton keep the drama for your liner! Whether you wear it straight or blended just wear it BOLD!


Fashion isn’t meant to be taken seriously! Remember to always have fun with it and pick and choose things that you feel comfortable with and that fit in with your own personal style!

Happy Easter!!

Cheers 🙂





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