Arab Inspired | Eid | Night Time | Wedding Reception | Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys,

Save the drama for your eyes! This look is another glamorous option for an Eid dinner, a desi wedding reception (even a desi bridal!) or any other special evening event.

It is all about the eyes and fierce liner! You can even pair it with some bold lips like a bright dusty rose pink or keep it minimal with a light pink or nude like I have in this video!

A little bit on Eid: This is from my personal opinion and take on this matter. I am not presenting researched explanations so don’t quote me! lol

Eid is to celebrate the end of the month of fasting, Ramadan. Fasting is done for several reasons. One is to empathize with millions around the world who are starving. Two is to actually do charitable work and three is to give up any sort of addictions or bad habits. It is a time for self reflection through prayer and self betterment through humbling your self. It is not just about not eating food for the day, it is also giving up other vices and bad habits such as smoking, lying, cursing etc.

Yes this should be the case for everyone every day of their lives but as human beings we have the tendency to get caught up in our own every day life. So during Ramadan you bring it back to just being a better version of your self with the hope that you will carry that through out the year and hopefully a life time!

So Eid is a HUGE holiday and is celebrated with friends and family and food and presents (mostly cash) and of course charity.

Hope you guys like this look and my mini explanation.

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Eid mubarak!! (Happy Eid)


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