Simple & Easy EID | INDIAN/PAKISTANI WEDDING Makeup Tutorial | NO LINER!!

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Hi Ethereal Beauties!

Here is a very requested, easy, simple and glamorous look for Eid. This look can also be rocked for other occasions, such as weddings etc, and with any coloured outfit. You can change up the lips to whatever your heart desires! πŸ™‚

I did not use too many products in this tutorial and there was no contouring/highlighting, as those are not really necessary for beginners. The eyes are VERY easy achieve. I used only two eyeshadows to finish the entire look.

This look is also very affordable. For the most part it was done with all drugstore products. You can substitute the Betty Lou-manizer with a light silver or gold eyeshadow instead.

TIPS: A couple of things to keep in mind for this eye look to get a nice blend:

First, pick a base colour that is not too light. It should be in the medium to dark range.

Second, top it off with a colour that is slightly lighter than the base colour. This look works well with neutral colours like brown, dark/light gold and taupe.

Hope you guys found this video useful!

Thank you for all the comments and likes and suggestions on my recent videos. I appreciate the continued support so very much!

XOXO Ethereal Girl


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