Fierce EID/Indian/Pakistani Makeup: TRIPLE WINGED LINER/Cut Crease Blue & Silver Eyes

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Hi Ethereal Beauties!

Here is a very fierce and glamorous look for Eid. This look can also be rocked for other occasions, such as weddings etc.

The nude lips are a good balance to the pop of blue on the eyes. Pick a nude that suits you, not necessarily the once I used. Actually I used like three lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching me create this look! THUMBS UP if you did.

Thank you for all the comments and likes and suggestions on my recent videos. I appreciate the continued support so very much!


Ethereal Girl




PRIMED: With OIL of Olay Daytime Lotion for Sensitive Skin

FOUNDATION: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation–7zys0CFZeEaQodL8gN7Q

CONCEALER: Amazing Cosmetics

EYE PRIMER: Milani Eyeshadow Primer



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