Eye makeup For All Eye Shapes!! A Pictorial


Hi guys,

So this time I am trying something different… I have done a “pictorial” to make the steps easier to follow on how to apply eye makeup on almost any eye shape. It is long so bare with me!

Thumbs up if you guys like this idea. Click on the pictures if you need a closer look.

TIP: Start off with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face for smooth application.

EYES: I applied MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre all over my lids with my finger


Draw a thick Line on your lid -start around the middle of eye and make it thicker towards the end – like you are applying liner – this doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be blending it out. I used NYX Jumbo pencil in brown – great base for darker colours.


Add a white liner – NYX Jumbo in Milk – under the brow for highlighting and then blend it out. Your bases are done and now you are ready to apply eyeshadow.


For this look I used the Too Faced La Belle Carousel palette. You can use any you like as this was a limited time edition. Maybelline has some great neutral palettes with similar colour schemes.


Apply the darkest shade at the outer edge of your eye, keeping it below the crease  but extending it slightly beyond the length of your natural eye to give the illusion of longer eyes.

TIP: If you can’t find the crease press lightly on your eye socket – the bone between your eyeball and eyebrow is your crease – trace slightly below the bone to create a crease. Keep your makeup under this line.


Apply the second shade in the middle and blend it well with the dark shade for a fade effect.


Apply the gold in the inner most part blending it with the middle shade. Again all these shades should stay within your crease.

Take the lightest colour and apply it underneath your eyebrow as the highlighting colour.


Take whatever is left on your brush – you need very little product for this! – and blend the crease out from the outer corner of your eye and up towards the eyebrow to get the smoked effect. You don’t want to go too close to the eyebrow!


Apply the Too Faced Glitter Glue from the inner corner to the middle of the eye with your finger in a patting motion. Do one eye at a time as the glue dries fast!

With a small flat brush pat the glitter – Makeup Forever Diamond Dust – as dense or as light as you like. I went with less glitter to let the gold and brown shadows shine from underneath.


FACE: Moving away from the eyes for now… I applied primer on my forehead – Rimmel – to keep it matte followed by Bourjois foundation- with a round dense brush from Real techniques – Don’t forget the neck!


Apply your concealer under the eyes, on your cupid’s bow, center of the nose leading to the forehead and blend – Real Techniques brush –  Hard Candy concealer- great concealer but you need to set it with powder to prevent creasing!


Set with your favourite setting powder – Mine is of course the Too Faced Candle Light powder. Avoid this in areas where you get oily. Opt for something mattifying instead.


BACK TO THE EYES: Take the NYX brown pencil and line the bottom lash line  about three quarters of the way in – Smudge it using the darkest brown shadow.

While smudging the bottom lash line bring the brown a little onto the top outer edge to darken it some more. Layering helps create depth.


Line your upper and lower lash line – blend the lower lash – you don’t want harshness as this is a smokey eye – I used Physicians formula in the blackest black to line my eyes.

NOTE: You can use a pencil instead of liquid liner and blend it for a super smoked eye. And can line the waterline if you prefer that look. My eyes don’t do well with anything in the waterline.


Brush out your brows – and fill them in where needed – I used a black powder eyehadow


Contouring & Blush – From the same Too Faced palette – I slightly contoured the cheekbones, nose and jaw line. Remember whatever you use on your face needs to be brought down on your neck for a natural look.


Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and highlight – theBalm Betty Lou Manizer – the top of the cheeks – This peach blush is beautiful!  It has specs of gold so you can skip the highlighter if you prefer!

Highlighting – besides the top of the cheeks highlight the  inner corners of the eyes, under the brows and down the nose – I used the Betty Lou Manizer  highlighter by theBalm cosmetics


LIPS: I chose to keep the lips muted and put on a beautiful Wet ‘n Wild pink topped with NYX lip gloss  – All the products are in the picture below.


HAIR: Apply one medium pump of mousse after the shower as it helps to maintain the curls without the use of hair spray! Don’t forget to use a heat protectant!


Clip away the front bangs as you will curl these according to which way you want to have your final part – divide the rest of the hair in two (you can clip the top sections and work with the bottom ones first)

Curl one side away from your face – same with the other – brush out the hair to loosen the curls for a softer look.


Add some volumizing powder by placing it on your fingers and rubbing it around the roots of the hair and tease at the crown for some oomph!

I pinned my hair up from one side to show off my gorgeous earrings!

Accessorizing:   The dress was very cute and floral so I decided to keep the accessories to a minimal – a ring, watch and these beautiful earrings, red pumps and nails of course!


Forgot to put on mascara! Yikes!! But remembered just before leaving *phew* nothing feels the same without mascara no?! Crisis averted 😉 – Yes this post is long but I thought pictures might be helpful.



NOTE: Don’t get caught stuffing your face, especially with a darn fan/paparazzi camera buzzing around. Hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s day!





Three Things To Remember When Shopping for Foundation

Don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about picking a foundation? Well hopefully these three simple tips, that I personally use, will help take some of the guess work out of it!

fisheyed-confuse-woman-cropped-reversedDo You Make These 7 Makeup Mistakes - Beauty and Personal Grooming_thumb[1]


Oily skin: Go with a matte foundation – To add a bit of dew use a highlighter

Dry skin: Get a moisturizing foundation with a satin or dewy finish

Combination skin:  you can get away with either matte or dewy – Use matte powder and/or a mattifying primer before applying the foundation to oily areas. And moisturize the dry areas


There are two major undertones when it comes to foundation: Yellow and pink


You will never get an EXACT match of your undertone or skin colour because of the diversity of beautiful skin tones.

These days companies are finally at the very least acknowledging the diversity of skin tones and some have expanded theirs. But there is still a long way to go, especially for women of colour.


Tip: The best way to figure out your undertone is to swatch a bunch of different colours on your arm and see which ones are more pink and which are more yellow.

Now that you are in the right undertone area it is time to find the shade range

3 – COLOUR MATCH –  The spectrum goes from light – medium – dark

Once you have landed on one of these areas, swatch a few colours from the same range on your face.

shutterstock_84843136Beautiful face of  woman with cosmetic foundation on a skin.

Make thick swatches so you can see the colour difference clearly.

Tip: The best light to judge your foundation colour is outside! So with the swatches step outside and look in the mirror. If that is not possible go under bright white lights.

This should give you an idea of which colour is the closest to your own skin shade.

Tip: Remember when you apply the foundation, you need to blend it with your ears and neck so that you can’t see a line of makeup like the pictures below!


If you do not blend well, your foundation will look cakey and unnatural. Blending helps to eliminate or at the very least minimize this problem.

NOTE: A lot of the real high-end foundations are not necessarily geared towards the masses. However, some mid-range and drugstore foundations are better at covering the wider variety of undertones and skin colours.

So just because you spend $75+ on a foundation does not mean it will give you a perfect match. Go with the company that has the best undertones, colour and texture for your skin.


NOTE: If you do plan on dishing out some major dollars for a foundation remember that stores like Sephora are happy to give you free samples of various colours.

And they also have great return policies even with opened and used items.

Hope this helps!

Cheers! 🙂

Holiday Glam Series Continued!

20141113_224437 20141113_224341

Hey guys,

I thought it was about time I got my second look up for the holiday series. This is one of my favourite looks and is neutral enough to go with almost any outfit!


Prime your lids with – NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk

Pat some Emani mineral loose eyeshadow in Brazilian on your eyelids

sleekhair_2273_27920357 jumbo-nyx

Take a brown shadow and blend out the crease and the lid to get a blended smokey effect.

I used a brown from the Too Faced, A few of my favourite things pallet

Highlight the inner corners and under the brows – Inglot sparkling dust in 02


Take some glitter glue – Too Faced – Pat it on your eyelids where you had applied the Emani shadow and pat some bronze glitter on top. Do one eye at a time as the glue dries very quickly.


Line your waterline with a teal liner – Laura Mercier creme liner in Canard

Take a teal shadow (also from the Too Faced palette) and blend the bottom lash line.


Line the top with a black liner – Estee Lauder – Fade the end for a smokey effect as opposed to a sharp wing.

You can add lashes for major drama or just add mascara to finish off the eyes.



Clean up any fall out – Apply your foundation – Revlon – using a brush or a sponge – I love the Coastal Scents flat top brush for a quick and easy application.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.42.29 PM k2-_28c5084f-e523-4f70-93d2-9327e1f1c280.v181wFw3s8W5L._SX522_

Concealer –  I apply concealer on my cheekbones along with the under eyes to get a better highlighted effect.

Hard candy Concealer – It is one of my favourites however you have to set it with a powder as it starts to crease quickly. Avoid using too much product right under the lash line where you have small lines.

Set the entire face using a powder- Too faced Candlelight powder

20141113_220938  20141113_220935


From the same Too Faced palette I used the Chocolate soleil to slightly contour my cheek bones, under the jawline, forehead and nose and used the Melt into spring peach blush on the cheeks

I did some major highlighting for a glowy look using the Inglot sparkling dust in 02!  Love this stuff!

Highlight down the centre of the nose, on top of the cheekbones and on the cupids bow.


LIPS: Buxom lipstick in Nantucket and peach gloss from NYC cosmetics

HAIR: Curled using the smaller one inch wand from Conair and pinned to one side.


Hope you guys liked this look as much as I did! More to come this coming week.

Cheers! 🙂

Holiday glam series!

Hey guys!

Glitter is huge lately, especially now that it is getting closer to the holidays. So I thought I would do a series of holiday looks including a few glitter ones!


I like to start my makeup with the eyes, especially when I am using colours that have fallout or glitter.

EYES: Primer Mac potssoft ochre” and too faced

6453_4_1391592100_c3181d Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

I used purple, brown and blue eyeshadow for this look. First take the brown and place it in your crease and bottom lashes. Do not go higher than your crease when using the colour.

20141126_211941 20141126_211951

Then take a purple shadow and place it all over your lid leaving the crease area a little bit brown for a nice transition.

20141126_212043 20141126_212046

Take the Too faced primer again and place it wherever you would want the glitter.

I did it mostly in the inner three quarters of the eyelid. Then apply purple glitter using your fingers or a small flat brush using a patting motion.

I lined my waterline with Laura Mercier Creme Liner in “Canard”. I am obsessed with the Laura Mercier creme liners.

71Omdqz2g-L._SY355_ stila-stay-all-day-waterproof-liquid-eye-liner-0810-s3-medium_new


They go on super smooth, do not irritate my sensitive eyes and stay on for a very long time! Not to mention the colours are amazing! They are a bit difficult to remove though.

I also smudged the liner on the top lash line and outer corner and defined the inner corner with black Stila pen.

Highlight in the inner corners of your eyes and under the eyebrows using a highlighter (I used Sonia Kashuk).


FACE: The rest of the face is as always! Clean up any fall out.

Apply your foundation and concealer. I used Dior but use whatever you prefer. The foundation and concealer are not all that special despite the cult following… Will do a review post.

DIORSKIN_NUDE_Natural_Glow_Radiant_Fluid_Foundation_SPF_15_1368436801 41mXG9V5FqL._SY300_

Contour and highlight and apply a light blush.

You do not want to over do the blush and lips because you have plenty of colour on your eyes!

Benefit_Hoola_Bronzer_Powder_8g_1363873860 sonia

I used peach on my lips topped with a peach gloss by NYC


Hope you guys liked this look! More to come in the holiday series!

Cheers 🙂



Amazing Find ~ Get Your Lips On!


Hey guys,

So I thought I would do a review on these lippies I stumbled upon recently by Flower Cosmetics.

This line of makeup is by Drew Berrymore and a few of the products are now available in Walmart, Canada.

Lip suede velvet lip chubby – The website claims the following:

  • Weightless lip color with a silky, satin-matte finish
  • Lips are instantly smoothed with a Papaya and Orchid Hydrating Complex
  • Intense color payoff with a velvet finish in a self-sharpening Chubby!
  • No Fragrance, Talc, D5, or Parabens

Five Colours:


Overall: The description provided by the company (quoted above) holds true.

  • These are very nicely pigmented, smooth, moisturizing and semi-matte
  • They feel extremely lightweight on your lips. Their staying power is a few hours, which is nice. Some of the darker colours leave a nice stain as well
  • They also remove easily with a makeup wipe so no trauma to the lips when removing the colours
  • I tried to photograph them from different angles and light. They look slightly richer and deeper in person compared to the pictured swatches below


Berry-more is my current Favourite and is the one I am wearing on my lips in the picture above. It is a nice deep berry colour for the holidays but also very wearable during the daytime.


Life’s a Peach  is a very pretty peachy nude but is quite drying and a bit chalky. It also highlights all the cracks and dryness on your lipsIt is better suited for light skin tones and works alright when applied over a lip balm. Great shade for spring/summer.


Mauve over comes out as a nice mauve nude on my lips and is also perfect for everyday wear especially in the fall and winter time.


Red-dy to Bloom is a beautiful, eye-catching red. I had trouble getting this shade right in the pictures because it looks orange toned but in person it is actually a much cooler red. Perfect for the holidays or for night time wear.


Coral Floral is a great summery, understated and wearable orange. Gorgeous for the spring and summer time.

Verdict: I would definitely recommend trying out a couple of these, especially because they are under eight bucks each and provide an awesome colour pay off!

Hope you guys found this useful.

Cheers! 🙂



Ethereal Fairy for Halloween!

20141019_221408 20141019_221619

Hi guys!

I was searching for some easy tutorials for Halloween but all of them seemed quite difficult to replicate.

So I decided to try my hand at one which is simpler than it looks!! And it won’t cost you much!


Face: Start with applying your foundation and concealer. Your face is now prepped.

I went to Dollarama and Absolute Dollar to pick up almost everything for this tutorial except for the jewellery, the lashes and the lipstick.

Using the flat brush, start by applying the yellow face paint (Dollarama) on your forehead, cheeks, and jawbone (basically where you would normally bronze).


Using a round brush take a green shadow (these are from Absolute Dollar and are pretty pigmented!) and apply to your cheeks and forehead where you had applied the yellow base.

  ~ Start darker and fade lighter like an ombre effect. It is up to you how green you want to look.

Finally, take some silver glitter (Dollarama) and apply it wherever you would normally highlight

  ~ Top of the cheeks, I did a bit of the forehead and some more around the face and inner corner of the eyes. How much shimmer you want is up to you!


Eyes: I used purple and blue on the eyes. The purple goes all over the lid and the blue in the crease, giving it a nice gradient look.

Then I applied purple glitter all over the lid and a light coat of mascara on top and bottom.

Apply lashes of your choice! These pretty ones caught my eye at Walmart.

Now, take a liquid liner of your liking (I used Stila) and draw a line under the eyes to balance the top heavy lashes. I just did a random flick. Fill in your brows if you like.


Here is the fun part!

I found these face decals and stones at Dollarama. These are what make it sooo easy to achieve this look.

I placed the decals and stones randomly where I thought they would look good.


You can do the patterns symmetrical or like me, different on both sides of the face for a more organic feel.


Last but not least

Lips: Dollhouse Pink by Wet n’ Wild!

I accessorized using this beautiful necklace by Joe Fresh and feather earrings that I have had for a while now. Let the hair flow as it is supposed to look earthy, natural and fairy like!

You can go further by adding flower crowns or wings and a nice flowy dress.

And you are done! Hope you guys enjoyed.

Cheers! 🙂




Smokey Eyes Don’t Have To Be Boring!

DSC_0252 DSC_0242

Hi guys!

So before posting yet another neutral smokey eye, I thought I would change it up a bit and try green!

Like most people I used to be afraid of colour on the eyes but with a lot of trial and error and good technique you can really make your eyes stand out in an ocean of colour!


Tip: I generally start with the eyes as you can then wipe off any fallout from the products and thus, achieve a smoother and cleaner under eye concealer application.

Eyes: 20141016_145143

Apply Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow stick in “009 blamed blue” on the top and bottom outer corner of the eyes

Then apply 005 tempting turquoise” all over the rest of the lid and crease. Blend the two until both are smudged and smoked out.

Tip: Do not bring the green too much into the inner corner and do not take the green beyond your crease. You can use it to slightly extend the end of your eye as I have done here.


Take the emerald green shade from the Maybelline Eyestudio 85 gutsy green palette and put it all over the lid on top of where you applied “005 tempting turquoise”. Leave the crease a bit dark.

You also want the outer corners to remain dark so do not apply the lighter eye shadow over the dark smudged liner. Just slightly blend them together.

Put the gold shade from the same palette into the inner corner and center of the lid still leaving the crease dark. Use a fluffy brush to blend everything to make sure there are no harsh lines.

DSC_0207 DSC_0208

On the top apply a gel liner – the end should be faded for an ultra smokey effect. I used the Estee Lauder gel liner in 01Black

After applying your concealer, apply the Essence Liquid liner in 02 keep calm and go to the beach under the lower lash line, all the way from the inner corner to the end of your eye.

Blend the outer corner with a brush a bit to smoke it out. Finish off with a nude pencil in the inner rim line, falsies and mascara!

I chose to use some sparkle on the centre of the lid because… I love glitter! This is taken with a phone camera and shows off the sparkle more than the larger camera.


For the glitter I used the Eye on the glamour 03 Palette by Sonia Kashuk – The 4 centre eyes shadows are actually fine glitter.

Hair: Part your hair and twist the front bangs towards the back. Pin those in place and do a messy bun! Not much required here!


 20141016_144401 20141016_144611

Dior Nude skin foundation in 031 – applied with a flat top Coastal Scents brush

Dior Sculpt Lifting smoothing concealer – in 002 applied with fingers with a patting motion

Too Faced Candle light powder to set the makeup

Cheeks: Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer in 41 Warm Tan to slightly bronze the outer parts of the face including the jawline, temples and hairline and cheeks

Sonia Kashuk cream stick in 45 Sparkling Sands to highlight the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and under the eyebrows

Almost done!



Buxom big and healthy lipstick in Nantucket with Peach NYC lip gloss on top!

Hope you guys enjoyed. None of the pictures have been touched up. I was trying different lighting and different cameras to see which gave me the best results.

I decided to use two different cameras because each showcased my work differently. It is important that your makeup look good in all sorts of lighting and conditions!

Cheers 🙂